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Bawdsey Manor was built over a period of 18 years starting in 1886. It is an architectural folly with a mixture of styles as diverse as Victorian Gothic, Flemish, Tudor and Oriental.

Owned by Sir Cuthbert Quilter, it was the Quilter family home until the 1930's. To cater for his ever-expanding family, Sir Cuthbert Quilter added to the manor over a period of years, hence the different styles of the Red Tower and White Tower.

In 1936, the Air Ministry purchased Bawdsey Manor as a RADAR Research Centre. It became the first operational RAF RADAR station in 1937 and went on to serve as a model for many others. The RADAR chain became the crucial element in the great air battle fought over Britain in 1940.

Post War, Bawdsey Manor remained a major RADAR station and training school until 1994 when it was bought by the present owners. Across the Deben are two of the Martello Towers built against invasion by Napolian in 1806. The footprint left by a third now forms part of the formal gardens.

Price List

Manor Rooms p/n
Sea View: £60
Standard: £40

Cottages p/wk
£250 - £450

Wedding Hire

Art Courses
£60 - £160

£25 - £240

English Courses
£165 - £3450

Green Man on the Red Tower


Top of the Red Tower

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